Best game modes to try in Roblox this 2021

Robux 2020: Best game modes to try in Roblox this 2021

Back in 2006, one of the most famous and innovative games was introduced to the public for free. The game was named Roblox and it promised to give players endless possibilities for their world. Fast forward to fifteen years later, Roblox is one of the most widely played in the entire world with a daily active user of over 43 million users.

Roblox is a free-to-play sandbox game that allows players to create anything they want. The possibilities are endless as players can create their buildings, cars, worlds, etc. However, one of the most impressive things that gamers have made with the Roblox engine is different game modes.

Here at Robux 2020, we’re always in awe whenever we see what kind of games Roblox players come up with.  We’ve seen several over the years and they never fail to amaze us and other players from around the world.

To help you get a better understanding, we have compiled a list of some of the best game modes that you can play in Roblox this 2021. These games are free to try and you can always expect a fun and enjoyable experience once you get in. If you’re curious to learn more, here’s everything you need to know:

Super Hero Tycoon

Ever wanted to step into the shoes of a powerful superhero? Well, now you can, thanks to the Super Hero Tycoon game mode in Roblox! Through this mode, you can put on your cape and embody the role of a superhero and build bases that can’t be built by mortal humans.

Super Hero Tycoon has been played approximately 1 billion times since it was first created back in 2016 by the Netherland developer, Hiddo. The popularity of this game mode was further magnified when the developers released the launch trailer on their YouTube channel that had over 200,000 subscribers. 

The trailer itself racked up over 1 million views and today, it’s still one of the most popular modes in Roblox.

Anime Fighting Simulator

If you’re familiar with fighting games such as Tekken and the King of Fighters Tournament, then you will feel right at home with Anime Fighting Simulator. As the name suggests, this game mode pits players against each other in a tournament to see who is the strongest character of them all. However, it has a unique charm thanks to its addition of outlandish anime combat and character skins. 

The great thing about this game mode is that it has continuous support from the developers. Ever since its first inception, it has been receiving updates that add new features and items to the game. 

Each server can include up to 20 players to make sure that the winner gets their well-deserved bragging rights after winning the tournament. Players who enter any server of the Anime Fighting Simulator can choose between various modes such as the tournament mode and the classic story mode.

Flee the Facility

For people that are itching for a thrilling experience, Flee the Facility is right up their alley. This 4-year-old game puts you in a strange place where you are thrown in with other players where you’ll have to survive. 

At the start of each round, one player is assigned to take the role of the Beast whose only goal is to kill the other players. On the other hand, the survivors are left with only two choices: run or hide.

The game is a thrilling experience and it’s especially fun to play with friends. It’s not all about the scares though as it also encourages teamwork between the survivors for them to escape the dreadful facility.

Flee the Facility was invented back in 2017 by a creator under the name of MrWindy. Since then, it has racked up 1.1 billion plays in total from players around the globe.

Tower of Hell

Although the name may suggest impending doom, Tower of Hell is a fun and enjoyable obstacle course to try with your friends. Roblox has tons of obstacle courses that are dubbed as ‘obbies’ and all of them offer unique themes and designs. Out of all the ones in the game, this takes the cake for being the most fun.

Aside from having creative level designs, Tower of Hell ups the ante by featuring 20 players on a single run. This means that you can expect mayhem because each of the contestants will do their best to survive and reach the finish line.

The game also features randomly generated levels which means that you’ll always be taken off guard because you don’t know which level to expect. However, in our opinion, the level design is the least of your worries as there are 19 other players that you need to scramble with. 

You should also know that once you get eliminated, that’s it! There’s no checkpoint at any point in the game which makes it all the more challenging and exciting. 

Prison Life

Another hit-game that has taken the Roblox community by storm, Prison Life is a role-playing survival game made by the user, Aesthetical. It quickly became a fan favourite because of its simple mechanics yet addictive gameplay and it even went on to win a Bloxy Award back in 2016.

In Prison Life, players will be assigned to three teams: prisoners, guards and criminals. Each team has a specific task that they need to achieve. To help you get a better grasp, here’s a quick run of how the gameplay works:


The goal of the team of prisoners is to escape the prison. It’s easier said than done though as they will be prevented from doing so by the team of guards. The manner of how this team will escape will depend on their strategy and most importantly, teamwork.

Two of the most common ways to escape the facility is by either using brute force or stealth, with the former involving eliminating guards while the latter involves sneaking at night.


As was mentioned in the previous point, the main goal that the guards are tasked with is to prevent prisoners from escaping. They can do this however they want but the most common way is to arrest the prisoners which will then turn them into criminals. 

It’s not an easy task though as one wrong move and your role can quickly turn into a prisoner. For example, when a guard mistakenly kills 3 unarmed criminals or prisoners, they’ll be put in a sentence of their own where they will turn into prisoners.


Criminals are the result of prisoners that are caught while trying to escape. They can also work with the team of prisoners so that they can overpower the guards however, it’s not as easy as it seems. People from the other team tend to become hostile to criminals and betray them once they get what they need.

As criminals you can shoot the other team of guards so that you can lessen the security, therefore, making it easier to escape.

Welcome to Bloxburg

Life simulators are one of the most famous genres in the gaming industry. Several titles come to mind but one that needs no introduction is the Welcome to Bloxburg game mode in Roblox.

Introduced back in 2014, Welcome to Bloxburg quickly found a spot in Roblox players thanks to its charming gameplay and simple premise. In this mode, you’ll get to live in a virtual world where you can choose a job from the list that will be presented to you at the beginning.

You can then use your salary to buy things for your characters such as houses, cars and several other in-game items. Sounds just like real life right? However, it feels different playing it rather than living in it.

The game quickly blew up in the Roblox community when various players started posting videos of their gameplay online. These YouTube videos then started to rack up hundreds upon thousands of views which helped spread the word about the game.

Until today, Welcome to Bloxburg is still one of the most widely played games in Roblox with a record of 1.4 billion plays. The developer, Coeptus, still releases updates from time to time to further add content into the 7-year-old game.

Work at a Pizza Place

On paper, this game doesn’t need any explanation as the name already tells you what it’s about. However, Working at a Pizza place is way more exciting than it sounds and we’re surprised too!

Launched in 2008, Work at a Pizza Place is currently one of Roblox’s biggest games with 1.9 billion plays around the world. The premise of the game is simple. You’re left with the responsibility of running a pizza place which means that you have to maintain it and take orders regularly.

That’s not all! As you gain more and more profit, you can use your earnings to decorate and improve your restaurant by adding accessories and cosmetics.

These are some of the most fun and enjoyable games in Roblox. They each offer a unique gameplay experience and the best part is that they won’t cost you anything! Start playing with your friends in Roblox today!

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