Cheapest items to buy in Roblox

Robux 2020: Cheapest items to buy in Roblox

One of the greatest features of Roblox is that it lets you customize your avatar. You can do this by equipping the unlocked cosmetics at the start of the game or by buying from the in-game store. Buying items in Roblox items such as cosmetics, gear, accessories and more are done through Robux, the in-game currency. They are used to customize your characters or equip them with different stats and abilities.

Naturally, the rarer the item is, the more expensive it will be. However, we here at Robux 2020 think that not all items are locked behind an expensive paywall. A cheap item doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad. To prove our point further, here are some of the items that aren’t necessarily expensive but will still give you the best value for your money:

Shoulder sloth – 250 Robux

All the characters in Roblox are equipped with a backpack. This acts as their inventory which helps them store all of the items that they will find in the open world such as weapons and gear. With a shoulder sloth, your backpack will be replaced with a cute and cuddly sloth for only 250 Robux. It works the same way as any kind of backpack but with the added benefit of looking adorable.

Doge hat – 250 R obux

Roblox has become a meme itself so why not up the ante by replacing your character’s head with one of the most beloved and famous memes, doge. That’s right, the Doge hat will let you play as the world-famous Shiba Inu dog as you go on with your travels.

This iconic meme hat only costs 250 Robux which is not fairly cheap and for an iconic meme like this, it’s worth every penny!

Mr Robot – 30 Robux

If you get tired of looking the same as other characters, you can change your entire look for just 30 Robux. The Mr Robot isn’t just an outfit as it turns your entire avatar into a high-tech robot. For the ladies, don’t worry! The game also has a Mrs Robot skin.

Ice Dragon Slayer – 350 Robux

When it comes to cool accessories, there’s no other cheap accessory that comes close to the Ice Dragon Slayer. This melee weapon is capable of dealing 15 damage. However, the biggest highlight is that it has ice damage where will enemies will become frozen which will cause them to move much slower.

8-bit Pumpkin Launcher – 300 Robux

Even when Halloween is long over,  the 8-bit Pumpkin Launcher remains one of the best guns in the game. The price leans towards the steeper side but it’s still relatively cheap nonetheless, also it’s worth every penny once you see its damage.

The 8-bit Pumpkin Launcher does exactly what it sounds like, it launches pixelized explosive pumpkins at your opponents.

These are some of the cheap yet valuable items that you can get in Roblox. They won’t cost you that much Robux plus you’ll be able to change your look and equip powerful weapons as well. The best part about it is that you can keep them forever once you purchase them!

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